anton Francois

PhD Student - Université Paris Descartes (MAP5)


I am a PhD student in Mathematics and image processing under the joint supervision of Joan Glaunès, professor at the Université Paris, and Pietro Gori, Associate professor at Télécom Paris (LTCI). The tree of us are members of the Oppenheim team at "Institut de Psychiatrie et Neurosciences de Paris (IPNP)"

About Me

I am involved with neurosurgeons on the study of growth, shape and location of the very deadly glioblatomas, high grade brain tumors. My job is to provide tools for robust MRI normalization. My aim is to map brain region from a fully know healthy template brain on a cancerous acquired one. To do so I will use (and hopefully improve) the state of the art methods of diffeomorphic image registration such as LDDMM or methamorphosis.

Pour plus d'informations sur mon projet de thèse vous pouvez lire mon rapport de mi-thèse : (pdf) (en français)


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MAP5 (725C1)
UFR Mathématiques-Informatique, Université Paris Descartes
45 Rue des Saints-Pères
75006 Paris, France
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