You need first to download the file, to unzip it so that you have a directory named TP containing two subdirectories src (which contains a few necessary scilab commands for loading and displaying images) and im (which contains images needed in the TP).

If you use Scilab you should add src to the path by typing (replacing PATH by the correct path…) :


The comments are indicated by '%'in Matlab and by '//' in Scilab.

Load and display a color image. A color image \(u\) is made of three channels : red, green and blue. In Matlab and Scilab, a color image in \(\mathbb{R}^{N\times M}\) is stored as a \(N\times M\times 3\) matrix.


imrgb = imread('im/parrot.bmp');  // load an image
imshow(imrgb); //display the color image


imrgb = read_bmp_bg('im/parrot.bmp');  // load an image
ccview(imrgb); //display the color image



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