Homepage of Julie Fournier


I am a Ph.D Student in Probability at MAP5 Laboratory, in Paris Descartes University, where I am also a teaching assistant (ATER). My thesis is supervised by Anne Estrade and I depend on the Doctoral College of Sorbonne Université.

Research topics

  • (Gaussian) random fields,
  • Anisotropy, anisotropic models,
  • Stochastic geometry.


  • Estrade, A., Fournier, J., Number of critical points of a Gaussian random field: condition for a finite variance, Stat. and Probab. Letters, Vol. 118, 94–99, 2016, hal-01192805 (preprint version).
  • Fournier, J., Identification and isotropy characterization of deformed random fields through excursion sets, 2017, preprint, arXiv:1705.08318.
  • Briant, M., Fournier, J., Isotropic diffeomorphisms: solutions to a differential system for a deformed random fields study, 2017, preprint, arXiv:1704.03737.
  • Estrade, A., Fournier, J., Anisotropic random wave models, 2018, preprint, hal-01745706.


  • E-mail: julie.fournier[at]parisdescartes.fr
  • Adress: Université Paris Descartes, Laboratoire MAP5, 45 rue des Saints-Pères, 75006 Paris, France.
  • Office: 725 A1