Workshops on Geometric Data Analysis
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The next workshop will be held in Postdam during the week of Septembre 23–27 2019.
For information, mail to Diane Bombart

The objective of GDA workdhops

      The workshops on Geometric Data Analysis aim to enable PhD students, ingeneers or reseachers in Social science and/or Life sciences to learn about and develop their knowledge on the methods of data analysis so that they can select an analysis strategy that fits their research or professional activity.
      These workshops are particularly designed for people who are currently working on data sets.
      The focus will be placed on a methodological and intuitive approach of statistical procedures more than on formal or mathematical learning. There will be practical sessions on real data sets using software. Along with the presentation of methods, there will be the presentation of recent research works that use them.
      The presentations will be analogous to the ones of the monograph "Multiple Correspondence Analysis" by B. Le Roux and H. Rouanet, published by SAGE publications in 2010, (series: QASS Volume 163). This book will be used as the reference book.

Organisation of workshops

      The workshops will last three or four days (or a week). During the first two days, participants will be introduced to geometric data analysis: basic statistical notions for a cloud of points and research of principal axes of the cloud (PCA), itroduction to Multiple Correspondence Analyis (MCA).
Les deux premiers jours seront consacrés à une initiation à l'analyse géométrique des données: étude d'un nu age de points et détermination de ses directions principales (ACP), introduction à l'analyse des correspondances multiples (ACM).
Every day ther will be three types of presentations

      Working sessions can also be devoted to answering the questions raised by the participants and discussing the issues related to the data of the participants (possibly in parallel sessions).

GDA workshops have been taken place in France (MAP5/Université Paris Descartes, CEVIPOF/SciencesPO Paris, CEREMADE/Université Paris Dauphine, CESSP/EHESS, Université de Picardie Jules Verne) as well as outside of France: in Uppsala (Sueden) each year since 2006, in Copenhagen (Danmark) in February 2009, Lausanne (Swiss) in 2011, Kaliningrad (Russia) in Juin 2012, Berkeley (California) en 2012, Mendoza (Argentina) in 2013, Potsdam (Germany) in 2017 and in Visby (Uppsala Universitet, Sweden) en 2018.

If you would like organize a worshop in your research centre, send me an e-mail.