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My scientific work has  essentially dealt with statistics in human sciences - mainly  psychology and social sciences - from the viewpoint of  statistics for researchers. The site is conceived in the    manner of a dissertation  report, aiming  to provide  an introduction to this work, for  researchers  using  statistical methods,  also for  mathematicians interested in applications. The background of the ideal-typical reader of this Website is  a scientific  highschool level, together with some practice of  elementary statistical methods. No prerequisite in  “mathematical statistics” is necessary.
In the heading Travaux Statistiques (“Statistical Works”) , each unit is devoted to a topic, with a guide   of  publications, with  complementary subunits and relevant  Notes de Lecture (“Reading Notes”). As the case may be,  "upstream" modules ( i.e.  those which give access to the module) are specified, as well as "downstream"  ones  (i.e.  those to which it gives access).

In the heading “Personalia”, one will find, in addition to CV and Scientific trajectory, the subheading Loisirs (“Leisure”) , with Feuilles et Bons Mots  (“Good Pages and Witty remarks”), that  do not belong  to  my scientific work, but may  illuminate its context and  spirit.

 Acknowledgments. The construction of this site was undertaken in the spring of 2004 with the assistance of Thierry Cabanal-Duvillard, Lecturer in Paris 5. The current presentation is due to Mohamed Sidir, Lecturer at the University of Picardy. My thanks  also go to Philippe Bonnet, who assisted me in the realization.