Ph.D. Co-Supervision (CIFRE with ITAVI): Rabie Hachemi (defense on the 15th of June,2010, Paris, France) - Awarded the best poster award at the International Conference on Quality Control by Artifical Vision QCAV'2007. 

Local collaborator: Thomas Pons, Research Engineer, responsible for platform development and involved in research follow-up as well. 

Project awarded the prize for Science and Education at Laval Virtual 2010, the leading European meeting for the virtual reality community. 

Local collaborators: Sandy Rihana (postdoctoral fellowship), Stéphane Lemaire (master internship), Franck Shen (Ph.D. student) 

Coordinator Partner: Dream In Real 

Ph.D. Co-Supervision: Guray Erus (defense on the 12th of June,2008, Paris, France) - 2009-2010: Postdoctoral fellowship at University of Pennsylvania, Section of Biomedical Image Analysis - Last paper: Automated Segmentation of Brain Lesions by Combining Intensity and Spatial Information, Bilwaj Gaonkar, Guray Erus, Nick Bryan, Christos Davatzikos, ISBI'2010