I am Assistant Professor at MAP5 Laboratory, in Paris Descartes University.

About me

I am an applied mathematician working on modeling, analysis and simulations of problems in biology, materials science and physics. The mathematical focus of my research is on PDEs and variational problems.

Research topics

  • PDE/Variational models of active biological systems (e.g. crawling cells, atherosclerotic lesions)
  • Homogenization theory, mutiscale computations and analysis
  • Applied stochastic processes, effect of active fluctuations on the dynamics of particles (e.g. cell protrusions, bonds)


A list of my publications is available here.

Phd Students

Nicolas Muller (2010--2013), cosupervision with Annie Raoult,

Christèle Etchegaray (2013-2016), cosupervision with Alexis Gautreau and Bertrand Maury,

Alessandro Cucchi (2017--)

   - Fiches Constance


  • E-mail: nicolas.meunier AT
  • Adress: Université Paris Descartes, Laboratoire MAP5, 45 rue des Saints-Pères, 75006 Paris, France.
  • Office: 814-F