Paris Descartes University Seminar Series on Data Analytics
in collaboration with the diNo group

Invited Seminar Talk

On the Management, Analysis and Simulation of our LifeSteps
Prof. Yannis Theodoridis, University of Piraeus (Greece)

when: 15 October 2015, 11am
where: room 705K, 7th floor, Paris Descartes University, 45 Rue Des Saints Peres, Paris 75006


Huge volumes of location information are available nowadays due to the rapid growth of positioning devices (GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets, on-board navigation systems in vehicles, vessels and planes, smart chips for animals, etc.). In the near future, this explosion will contribute in what is called the Big Mobility Data era, raising high challenges for the data management research community. Instead of trying to manage larger and larger volumes of raw data, we envision that future Moving Object Database (MOD) systems will focus on the semantics of movement (when, where, how, what, why). In this talk, we present recent developments on the management and analysis of semantically-annotated trajectories of moving objects as well as their scalable simulation for experimental purposes.

Short Bio

Dr. Yannis Theodoridis is full Professor at the Department of Informatics, ICT School, University of Piraeus; head of the Information Management Lab. ( and founding member of the Data Science Lab. ( Born in 1967, he received his Diploma (1990) and Ph.D. (1996) in Electrical and Computer Engineering, both from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. His research interests include Data Science (management, analytics, mining) for mobility data, whereas he teaches databases, data mining and GIS at under- and post-graduate level. He is or was principal investigator for a number of EU-funded research projects (with FP7/MODAP, COST/MOVE, FP7/DATASIM, FP7/SEEK, and H2020/DATACRON being the most recent ones). He has served as general co-chair for SSTD'03, ECML/PKDD'11 and PCI'12, PC vice-chair for IEEE ICDM'08, and PC member for numerous conferences, including SIGMOD, PODS, ICDE, KDD, and ICDM. He is member of the editorial board of the Int'l Journal on Data Warehousing and Mining (since 2005), and life-long member of the Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases - SSTD endowment (since 2010). He has delivered invited lectures and seminars in Greece and abroad on the topic of Mobility Data Management and Exploration, including PhD/MSc-level lectures hosted by Venice, Milan, KAUST Jeddah, Aalborg, Trento, Ghent, Cyprus, and JRC Ispra. He has co-authored three monographs and more than 100 refereed articles in scientific journals and conferences, having received more than 7,500 citations so far according to Google Scholar.

Hosted by: Themis Palpanas

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