Paris Descartes University Seminar Series on Data Analytics
in collaboration with the diNo group

Invited Seminar Talk

Social Data Analytics: from Sentiment to Fraud Mining
Prof. Athena Vakali, Aristotle University (Greece)

when: 10 February 2016, 9:30am
where: room Turing Conseil, 7th floor, Paris Descartes University, 45 Rue Des Saints Peres, Paris 75006


The massive people-driven data threads produced daily on social media platforms offer the ground for extracting insights, capturing opinion shifts, but also for detecting fraud. Several critical research questions arise in this context such as : "Given a textual resource (e.g. post, review, comment), how can we spot the expressed sentiment?. or "Given the retweeting activity for the posts of several Twitter users, how can we distinguish organic activity from spammy retweets by paid followers to boost a post.s appearance of popularity?.. This talk will focus on such social media sentiment and fraud detection phenomena. Approaches for extracting and aggregating information from different text-levels, namely words and sentences, in an effort to improve capturing of documents' sentiments will be indicated with emphasis on combining word and sentence level features. Another approach will focus on the fact that organic behavior has more variability, as opposed to the fraudulent behavior, which is more synchronized. An efficient method for detecting group fraud, and its set of carefully designed features for characterizing retweet threads will be presented. Future work pathways on these topics will be indicated and discussed.

Short Bio

Athena Vakali is a professor at the Department of Informatics, Aristotle University, Greece, where she leads the Online sources analytics on Web and Internet Distributed platforms (OSWINDS) research group. She holds a PhD degree in Informatics (Aristotle University), and a MSc degree in Computer Science (Purdue University, USA). Her current research interests include big data mining and analytics, Future Internet applications and enablers, online social networks mining, as well as on online sources data management on the cloud. Her publication record of over 120 papers received over 3500 citations (h-index 28 in Google scholar). She has served as a member in the EU Steering Committee for the Future Internet Assembly (2012-14) and she has participated in more than 30 research projects (EU FP7, H2020, and national funds). She has co-chaired major Conferences Committees such as EAI 2016 Conference on Future Internet Infrastructures and Enablers and EU Internet Science Conference 2015.

Hosted by: Themis Palpanas

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