Paris Descartes University Seminar Series on Data Analytics
in collaboration with the diNo group

Invited Seminar Talk

Sensor Network Analytics and Applications
Prof Raymond Ng, University of British Columbia (Canada)

when: 4 April 2018, 11am
where: room Turing Reunion, 7th floor, Paris Descartes University, 45 Rue Des Saints Peres, Paris 75006


Sensor networks have received increasing attention in the past two decades, with applications for smart cities and environmental monitoring. In the first half of this talk, we give an overview of one of our projects that will monitor Canadian oceans for noise and traffic. The platform we will build is based on data science methods, techniques and tools. The infrastructure will support data integration and interoperability, interactive data visualization and data analysis for streaming data. In the second half of the talk, we focus on query processing for wireless sensor networks. In particular, we consider the situation when the sensors are mobile and their sensing ranges may overlap. The latter complicates the processing of aggregate queries, because the same object may be detected by multiple sensors. We develop algorithms that can identify such duplicate objects efficiently, and that can perform aggregation as early as possible. We show that the energy consumption of our algorithms are much smaller than those of baseline methods.

Short Bio

Raymond Ng is the Director of the Data Science Institute, and Professor of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (Canada). Raymond's main research area for the past two decades is on data mining, with a specific focus on health informatics and text mining. He has published over 180 peer-reviewed publications on data clustering, outlier detection, OLAP processing, health informatics and text mining. He is the recipient of two best paper awards. from the 2001 ACM SIGKDD conference, the premier data mining conference in the world, and the 2005 ACM SIGMOD conference, one of the top database conferences worldwide. For the past decade, he has co-led several large-scale genomic projects funded by Genome Canada, Genome BC and industrial collaborators. Since the inception of the PROOF Centre of Excellence, which focuses on biomarker development for end-stage organ failures, he has held the position of the Chief Informatics Officer of the Centre. From 2009 to 2014, he was the associate director of the NSERC-funded strategic network on business intelligence.

Hosted by: Themis Palpanas

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