Universite Paris Cite Seminar Series on Data Analytics
in collaboration with the diNo group

Invited Seminar Talk

Extreme-Scale Model-Based Time Series Management with ModelarDB
Prof Torben Bach Pedersen, Aalborg University (Denmark)

when: 1 December 2023, 3:30pm
where: online (email the organizer for connection details), and in-person:
room Turing Reunion, 7th floor, Universite Paris Cite, 45 Rue Des Saints Peres, Paris 75006


To monitor critical industrial devices such as wind turbines, high quality sensors sampled at a high frequency are increasingly used. Current technology does not handle these extreme-scale time series well, so only simple aggregates are traditionally stored, removing outliers and fluctuations that could indicate problems. As a remedy, we present a model-based approach for managing extreme-scale time series that approximates the time series values using mathematical functions (models) and stores only model coefficients rather than data values. Compression is done both for individual time series and for correlated groups of time series. The keynote will present concepts, techniques, and algorithms from model-based time series management and our implementation of these in the open source Time Series Management System (TSMS) ModelarDB. Furthermore, it will present our experimental evaluation of ModelarDB on extreme-scale real-world time series, which shows that that compared to widely used Big Data formats, ModelarDB provides up to 14x faster ingestion due to high compression, 113x better compression due to its adaptability, 573x faster aggregation by using models, and close to linear scale-out scalability.

Short Bio

Torben Bach Pedersen is a professor of computer science at Aalborg University, Denmark and co-founder of FlexShape and ModelarData, focusing on Big Data Analytics, specifically Extreme-Scale Data Analytics, Data warehouses and Data Lakes, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, with applications in Digital Energy. He has published more than 330 peer-reviewed papers which received more than 8700 citations on Google Scholar, yielding an h-index of 51. He serves on the PCs of the top conferences in (big) data management (SIGMOD, PVLDB, ICDE, CIKM, and EDBT) and digital energy (ACM e-Energy). He is an ACM Distinguished Scientist, an IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Contributor, and a Member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. He received Best Paper Awards at ICDE and ACM e-Energy and an Honorary Doctorate from TU Dresden for his work on big data analytics and digital energy.

Hosted by: Themis Palpanas

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