Enseignements (2023-2024)


  • Mathématiques et calcul 1, Licence 1re année (cours)
  • Introduction aux statistiques, Licence 2e année (cours, TD)


J'interviens dans le Master Mathématiques et applications de l'Université de Paris.
  • Spécialité «Ingénierie mathématique»
  • Analyse de données, Master 1re année (cours, TD)
  • Statistique en grande dimension, Master 2e année (cours, TD)
  • Support de cours sur github: A Ride in Targeted Learning Territory (avec D. Benkeser).


  • Spring School on Causality (March 2023)

  • with Caleb Miles (Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health) and Linda Valeri (Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health)

    • A gentle introduction to causal reasoning (first set of slides) here
    • Lab 1 exercise sheet, potential outcomes and DAGs, here
    • DAGs, do-operator, causal quantities (second set of slides) here
    • Introduction to mediation and interaction (third set of slides) here
    • Special issue on Causality of the Journal of the French Statistical Society
    • Lab 2 exercise sheet, concepts of mediation, here
      • An example of the use of the rules of do-calculus here
    • Lab 2 exercise sheet, mediation analysis – software application, here
    • A ride in targeted learning territory
    • Software to Draw DAGs (A. Pitts and C. Fowler, Columbia University)