Lionel Moisan
    Lionel MOISAN

Université Paris Cité
laboratoire MAP5 (CNRS UMR 8145)
45 rue des Saints-Pères 75006 Paris - FRANCE

tel: (+33) 1 76 53 03 48
e-mail :

Publications (Google Scholar link here)
Curriculum Vitae
PhD students (former and present)

Science in the age of Selfies, by Donald and Stuart Geman

Source codes and examples:
       - Matlab codes for Shannon Total Variation regularization ZIP
       - phase coherence and sharpness metrics
       - point tracking (ASTRE) (including the ``snow'' data sequence)
       - TV-means image denoising
       - periodic + smooth image decomposition
       - recovery of epipolar geometry from 2D point matches (ORSA)

Course pages : Former courses (archives): Workshop Statistical Models for Images (Luminy, may 2010)
A free research-oriented image processing software : MEGAWAVE
my (old) astronomy page

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