Lionel Moisan
    Lionel MOISAN

Université Paris Descartes
laboratoire MAP5 (CNRS UMR 8145)
45 rue des Saints-Pères 75006 Paris - FRANCE

tel: (+33) 1 76 53 03 48
e-mail :

Informatique Tronc Commun prépas scientifiques (Vuibert, 2022): Python and algorithms course, in french

Publications (Google Scholar link here)
Curriculum Vitae
PhD students (former and present)

Science in the age of Selfies, by Donald and Stuart Geman

Source codes and examples:
       - Matlab codes for Shannon Total Variation regularization ZIP
       - phase coherence and sharpness metrics
       - point tracking (ASTRE) (including the ``snow'' data sequence)
       - TV-means image denoising
       - periodic + smooth image decomposition
       - recovery of epipolar geometry from 2D point matches (ORSA)

Course pages : Former courses (archives): Workshop Statistical Models for Images (Luminy, may 2010)
A free research-oriented image processing software : MEGAWAVE
my (old) astronomy page

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