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  • E. Holsbø, V. Perduca. Shrinkage estimation of rate statistics. Case studies in business, industry and government statistics, 7(1):14-25 (2018).
  • F. Alarcon, V. Perduca, G. Nuel. Is it possible to detect G-E interactions in GWAS when causal exposure is unobserved? Journal of Epidemiological Research (2015), 2(1), 109.
  • The Minh Luong, V. Perduca, G.Nuel. Hidden Markov Model Applications in Change- Point Analysis (2012). Preprint arXiv:1212.1778.
  • M. Marchisio, V. Perduca. On Some Explicit Semi-Stable Degenerations of Toric Varieties. Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo - Serie II, Suppl. 81 (2009), pp. 261-272. Preprint arXiv:0712.3392v2.