Research publications

  1. Pitfalls in Time-to-Event Analysis of Registry Data: A Tutorial based on Simulated and Real Cases. M. Alligon, N. Mahlaoui, O. Bouaziz.

  2. A Comprehensive Framework for Evaluating Time to Event Predictions using the Restricted Mean Survival Time. A. Cwiling, V. Perduca, O. Bouaziz.

  3. Assessing model prediction performance for the expected cumulative number of recurrent events. O. Bouaziz.
    Supplementary Material
    Lifetime Data Analysis, Volume 30, pages 262–289, 2024.

  4. A Review on the Adaptive-Ridge Algorithm with several extensions. R. Abergel, O. Bouaziz, G. Nuel.

  5. Spline Regression with Automatic Knot Selection. V. Goepp, O. Bouaziz, G. Nuel.

  6. The robusTest package: two-sample tests revisited. S. Ammous, O. Bouaziz, J. Dedecker, J. El Methni, M. Mellouk, F. Muri.

  7. Lower risk of hospitalisation for depression following hospitalisation for COVID-19 versus for another reason. P. A. Geoffroy, V. Decio, P. Pirard, O. Bouaziz, E. Corruble, V. Kovess-Masfety, M. Lejoyeux, J. Messika, B. Pignon, V. Perduca, N. Regnault, S. Tebeka.
    Journal of Affective Disorders, available online 14 January 2024.

  8. Is there a lower risk of hospitalization for self-harm after hospitalization for COVID-19? A French nationwide longitudinal study. P. Pirard, V. Decio, B. Pignon, O. Bouaziz, V. Perduca, V. Kovess-Masfety, E. Corruble, F. Chin, P. A. Geoffroy, Y. Le Strat, J. Messika, N. Regnault, S. Tebeka.

  9. Optimal transport-based machine learning to match specific expression patterns in omics data. T. T. Y. Nguyen, W. Harchaoui, L. Mégret, C. Mendoza, O. Bouaziz, C. Neri, A. Chambaz.
    In press at Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C.

  10. Can machine learning provide preoperative predictions of biological hemostasis after extracorporeal circulation for cardiac surgery? V. Perduca, O. Bouaziz, K. Zannis, M. Beaussier, O. Untereiner.
    The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, available online 4 November 2023.

  11. The risk of hospitalization for psychotic disorders following hospitalization for COVID-19: a French nationwide longitudinal study. B. Pignon, V. Decio, P. Pirard, O. Bouaziz, E. Corruble, P. A. Geoffroy, V. Kovess-Masfety, M. Leboyer, C. Lemogne, J. Messika, V. Perduca, F. Schürhoff, N. Regnault, S. Tebeka.
    Molecular Psychiatry , Volume 28, pages 3293–3304, 2023.

  12. Fast approximations of pseudo-observations in the context of right-censoring and interval-censoring. O. Bouaziz.
    Supplementary Material
    Biometrical Journal, Volume 65, Issue 4, 2023.

  13. Hospitalization for COVID-19 is associated with a higher risk of subsequent hospitalization for psychiatric disorders: A French nationwide longitudinal study comparing hospitalizations for COVID-19 and for other reasons. V. Decio, P. Pirard, B. Pignon, O. Bouaziz, V. Perduca, F. Chin, Y. Le Strat, J. Messika, V. Kovess-Masfety, E. Corruble, N. Regnault, S. Tebeka.
    European Psychiatry, Volume 65, Issue 1, 2022.

  14. Allogeneic stem cell transplantation compared to conservative management in adults with inborn errors of immunity and life-threatening complications: an international retrospective matched pairs analysis. M. Cheminant, T. A. Fox, M. Alligon, O. Bouaziz, B. Neven, D. Moshous, S. Blanche, A. Guffroy, C. Fieschi, M. Malphettes, N. Schleinitz, A. Perlat, J.-F. Viallard, N. Dhedin, F. Sarrot-Reynauld, I. Durieu, S. Humbert, F. Fouyssac, V. Barlogis, B. Carpenter, R. E. Hough, A. Laurence, A. Marçais, R. Chakraverty, O. Hermine, A. Fischer, S. O. Burns, N. Mahlaoui, E. C. Morris, F. Suarez.
    Blood, Volume 141, Issue 1, 2022.

  15. Precision machine learning to understand micro-RNA regulation in neurodegenerative diseases. L. Mégret, C. Mendoza, M. A. Lobo, E. Brouillet, T. T. Y. Nguyen, O. Bouaziz, A. Chambaz, C. Néri.
    Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, 2022.

  16. Influence of exposure assessment methods on associations between long-term exposure to outdoor fine particulate matter and risk of cancer in the French cohort GAZEL.. E. Lequy, [...], O. Bouaziz, [...], B. Jacquemin.
    Science of the Total Environment, 2022

  17. Regression modelling of interval-censored data based on the adaptive-ridge procedure. O. Bouaziz, E. Lauridsen, G. Nuel.
    Supplementary Material
    Journal of Applied Statistics, Volume 49, Issue 13, 2022, Pages 3319-3343.
    Journal link

  18. Regularized bidimensional estimation of the hazard rate. V. Goepp, G. Nuel, O. Bouaziz.
    Supplementary Material
    The International Journal of Biostatistics, Volume 18, vol. 18, no. 1, 2022, Pages 263-277.
    Journal link

  19. Gaussian Sum-Product Networks Learning in the Presence of Interval Censored Data. P. Clavier, O. Bouaziz, G. Nuel.
    Probabilistic Graphical Models (PGM), 2020.

  20. Risk of ankylosis of 400 avulsed and replanted human teeth in relation to length of dry storage. A re-evaluation of a previous long-term clinical study. E. Lauridsen, J. Andreasen, O. Bouaziz, L. Andersson.
    Dental Traumatology, 2020 Apr, 36(2):108-116.

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    Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, Volume 31, Issue 4, 2019, Pages 952-987.

  22. Recurrent event survival analysis predicts future risk of hospitalization in patients with paroxysmal and persistent atrial fibrillation. J. Schroder, O. Bouaziz, B. R. Agner, T. Martinussen, P. L. Madsen, D. Li, F. Nedaei, U. Dixen.
    PLoS ONE, Volume 14, Month 6, 2019.

  23. Is placental malaria a long term risk factor for mild malaria attack in infancy? A Beninese observational cohort study. O. Bouaziz, D. Courtin, G. Cottrell, J. Milet, G. Nuel, A. Garcia.
    Clinical Infectious Diseases, Volume 66, Issue 6, 2018, Pages 930-935.

  24. A Change-Point Model for Detecting Heterogeneity in Ordered Survival Responses. O. Bouaziz, G. Nuel.
    Statistical Methods in Medical Research, Volume 27, Issue 12, 2018, Pages 3595-3611.
    Supplementary Material

  25. Computing Individual Risks based on Family History in Genetic Disease in the Presence of Competing Risks. G. Nuel, A. Lefebvre, O. Bouaziz.
    Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, Volume 2017, 2017.

  26. L0 regularization for the estimation of piecewise constant hazard rates in survival analysis. O. Bouaziz, G. Nuel.
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  27. Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic Treatment and Subsequent Childhood Type 1 Diabetes: A Nationwide Danish Cohort Study. T. Clausen, T. Bergholt, O. Bouaziz, M. Arpi, F. Eriksson, S. Rasmussen, N. Keiding, E. Løkkegaard.
    PLoS ONE, Volume 11, Month 8, 2016.

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    Biostatistics, Volume 16, Issue 2, 2015, Pages 281-294.
    Supplementary Material

  29. Semiparametric inference for the recurrent event process by means of a single-index model. O. Bouaziz, S. Geffray, O. Lopez.
    Statistics, Volume 49, Issue 2, 2015, Pages 361-385.
    Supplementary material

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Teaching manuscript

  1. The effect of ignoring censoring in survival analysis: theoretical and practical considerations. O. Bouaziz.